Each Grade 1/2 home-group at Nichols Point has approximately 21 students.

Students will need to bring their snack, lunch, brain food, drink bottle, hat (clearly named), library bag and pencil case.

Students are able to put their lunch in the classroom fridge to keep it fresh until lunch time. Parents please ensure all lunch boxes (containers) are clearly labelled.

Grade 1/2 students are required to read every morning to an adult (or their buddy) before school and fill in their ‘reading log’ as well as change their take home book which is to be kept in their library bag.

In Grade 1/2 students are encouraged to bring ‘Brain Food’ to school every day. Student are taught to ‘graze’ throughout learning time as this helps students to concentrate for longer periods of time and assists with the processing of information to the brain. Brain Food consists of the following approved foods:

·         Fresh fruit (pre-prepared pieces). *Please exclude ‘messy fruits e.g. watermelon, oranges

·         Dried fruit

·         Fresh vegetables

·         Cheese

·         Popcorn (plain)

·         Rice Crackers (Please check labels. Rice Crackers labelled ‘May Contain Traces of Nuts’ are OK to send along).