Nichols Point Primary School uses a range of resources for Teaching and Learning in the area of Numeracy.

The Nelson Numeracy Assessment Kit is a comprehensive numeracy assessment resource for the first seven years of school. It enables teachers to assess individual students, groups of students and/or the whole class. After assessing what students already know and what skills need to be developed, the data recorded can be used for future planning and assists teachers to effectively group students according to their learning needs.

At each level, the Nelson Numeracy Assessment Kit provides assessment tasks for the four major mathematical strands: number and patterns, space, measurement and chance and data.

Teachers also plan and deliver lessons using the iMaths National Edition and this ensures mathematical success with creative and stimulating investigations and tasks appropriate to students’ levels and needs. iMaths covers all the dimensions of the mathematics domains and uses modelling and problem solving in each of the units. This series develops algorithms for computation, the formulation of problems, construction and testing of conjectures and the development of abstraction for further investigation, all of which are identified as vital components of school mathematics in AusVELS.

Students are engaged in Numeracy lessons using a range of ‘Hands on Material’ and Information and Communication Technology.


–          Is a program used for students at Nichols Point Primary School in grades P – 6.

–          Is a web based program that helps students enjoy math and achieve outstanding results.

–          It covers all aspects of Mathematics.

–          It contains more than 1000 learning activities for students aged 5 to 18.