The Daily 5 and Literacy CAFÉ is a whole school literacy program. 

The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks which students complete daily while the teacher meets with small groups or confers with individuals.  The Daily 5 is more than a management system or a curriculum framework – it is a structure that will help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy.

Assessing young readers involves more than determining a reading level and moving them onto the next. The CAFÉ Menu, which is used to support the Daily 5, helps students understand and master different strategies used by successful readers.

Grade 5/6 students will begin their reading program in the first week of school. Students will re-visit how to select a ‘Good Fit’ book and borrow these books from the class library and/or school library, to place in their book boxes.

Students will keep a record of their reading where both parents and teachers will be able to keep track students reading.