Each Prep home-group at Nichols Point  has approximately 21 students.

They will only attend four days a week for the first month, having every Wednesday as a recovery day. Prep students will start attending full weeks after that.

On their first day of school, Prep students will need to bring their snack, lunch, two brain foods, drink bottle, hat (clearly named), blue reader bag, red library bag and art smock.

On their first day of school Prep students will be re-united with their Buddy, who will be there to look out for them during their big first day at school.

Students are able to put their lunch in the classroom fridge to keep it fresh until lunch time. Parents please ensure all lunch boxes (containers) are clearly labelled.

In their first year of school Prep students are introduced to ‘Brain Food’, which is eaten at specific times of the day. By snaking between recess and lunch this helps with concentration and the learning of new information. Brain Food consists of the following approved foods:

  • Fresh fruit cut up
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh vegetables cut up
  • Cheese
  • Popcorn
  • Rice Crackers

Prep students will learn to use the 5 L’s: Legs crossed, hands in Lap, Lips locked, Look at the speaker, Listen to the important message.

The 5 L’s allow the students to adopt the appropriate listening skills required to be successful at school. It gives them a clear structure to follow when they need to listen to instructions and act on these to complete learning tasks.