Parents approached the Mildura Board of Advice for a school for the 42 children at Nichols Point in 1890. The Nichols Point School opened in May, 1892, and classes were initially held in a “bough shelter” structure until the local Methodist Church was leased in July, 1892 (on the corner of 5th Street and Koorlong Avenue).

The first Nichols Point School structure (May to June, 1892)

In 1907, the school moved into a new brick building which had been designed in 1905 by S.E Bindley. The building was located across the road from the church and it contained two large classrooms, two rooms for hats and coats and a lavatory was built. The heritage listing information, describes the structure as a “red brick and stuccoed gable roofed school building with half timbering motif to gable ends and eaves brackets in the Edwardian manner.”

Site of Nichols Point School from July 1892 to 1907.

When the brick building was opened in 1907, the enrolment had increased to over 100. The building was subsequently extended as enrolments increased.

Plans of the Nichols Point School (Brick Building) which was opened in 1907

Plans of the Nichols Point School (Brick Building) which was opened in 1907

In 1908, an octagonal shelter (rotunda) was erected. This structure- along with the main brick building – has been given a Heritage listing information which describes the shelter as follows: “The rotunda is timber framed with central post and octagonal on plan having a facetted pyramidal corrugated roof. The shelter is open to the weather with vertical timber linings to a 1 metre high perimeter wall. A lower posted verandah encircles the rotunda.”

Octagonal shelter (rotunda) – built in 1908

Throughout the ensuing years, more buildings were added, including portable classrooms as the school’s enrolments steadily grew. In 1995, an administration building was opened. However, the school population eventually outgrew the relatively small site, and after determined lobbying by the school council, staff and community, funding was announced in the May 2005 Victorian State Government Budget to build a replacement school on a site adjacent to the then current location.

Construction commenced in 2006, and the new school buildings – built for an enrolment of 265 students – were occupied from the start of the 2007 school year. The main construction work was completed in April, 2007 and the new replacement school was officially opened on Thursday, 6th September, 2007.

In 2008, a 5-mod relocatable building was brought in to accommodate continued enrolment growth which reached 319 by February, 2008.

Official Opening programme (September 6th, 2007)